Organica Green investment in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan landowners can participate
passively by simply renting their property for organic production, or by actively investing in the growing cycles and share those rewards as well. Either approach will allow landowners with future plans for a weekend or retirement home on Rivas Nicaragua to put their property to profitable use until they are ready to build.

A complete prospectus explaining a 1-year, 4-crop growth
cycle on a single 30000SM unit of land is available. The Organica Growers opportunity is a commissionable sale for real estate agents. Please contact us to discuss all the relevant details.

There is also a specialized module
available for investors interested in Tilapia farming on Nicaragua. It can be managed separately, or integrated with the organic vegetable production.

 Projections are based on 30 000 SQM but you can invest on
lands of 2000 SQM and up..

Land Holding Strategy or Pure Business Opportunity,  1Yr ROI

Join the organic agriculture movement as a business investor,
and/or use the ORGANICA S.A Growers model to hold your land investments in Nicaragua. The simple concept involves raising 4 profitable crops per year of organic vegetables (greens) on rented or owned land on Rivas Nicaragua. The unique climate and soil offer ideal growing conditions for organic fruits and vegetables, while government incentives encourage investment in this new industry in Nicaragua. Once harvested, pre-arranged agreements with food
distributors facilitate rapid sales to customers and quick return of revenue to reinvest in the next crop.

Organica Growers have the expertise and experience required to plant, manage, harvest, and market each crop, as your partner in this business opportunity. The minimum amount of land needed is 10000SM or 2ac 20519ft?, and all estimates and projections are based on the costs and returns from one such unit. The minimum term for participation in the business opportunity, or for rental of your land, is 3 years/12 crop cycles.

Organic produce enthusiasts can participate in the business
operation (only) with an initial investment of $30,000 (USD). ROI after one year can reach 70% of invested capital.