Green Project in Nicaragua

By being our client, investor, volunteer or guest you will be leaving a trace to a Green World.


Organica is a project with different divisions but all of them go on the same direction ¨A GREEN PROJECT¨.

Our Divisions:

  •  Organic and Natural Agriculture Farming
  •  Processing of ours and our group of Growers Natural and Organic  agricultural production
  • Distribution of Fresh and processed products.
  • Volunteering and Internships Program
  • Green Vacation Rental
  • Recreational Tourism
  • Medical Tourism

Be part of our project!

Organica S.A. idea is to start selling to Private, Public Hospitals and Clinics in Nicaragua. Also to the Produce Markets, Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurant and others.

Nicaragua Government is committed with the Health of the Nicaraguans and by giving to their Hospitals and Clinics patients and workers Natural and Organic Food they are really thinking on their Health.

The Government is conscious that the best treatment for the Nicaraguans  is the prevention and Healthy Diet by not having conventional food full of chemicals.
At Organica we are going to work hard on making Conventional growers speacially the small and medium size growers at the beginning to become Natural growers. We are teaching them on how to do it.

 Our products will be sell to the Government, Food markets on the Towns, Supermarkets, Restaurants and Hotels.

The Volunteers or interns tht will like to come and give us a hand will have the possibility to learn on how to Cultivate, cook and prepare our Final Products, interact with the people on the markets where we sell and enjoy of the Natural beauties of this Garden of Eden Nicaragua
Organica Project is on a perfect location to the main touristic atractions of Nicaragua like the Pacific Coast and the Nicaragua Lake with the two Volcanoes Island Inside. Some of our group of growers have their farm on those areas so our Volunteers and Guests will be doing Green Tourism as well.

 Organica  welcome people interested on doing medical and dental treatments at a very low cost. We will arrange all the packages with the best Clinics and Specialists in the Country.

Just imagine a recovery in a Beautifull Spot with a REAL Healthy Natural Diet.

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